Body Elements
Body elements is a quiet and quaint oasis for relaxation, rejuvenation and beautification. We are located in Chico, California.  Our goal is to tailor our client's needs which is based on the initial intake information, as well as feedback. During our treatments we ensure our client's comfort and satisfaction while being mindful of the overall experience. We use only the finest oils and lotions with our beauty treatments, as well as aroma therapies, special lighting, music and decor which are used throughout our spa to complete the comfortable plush environment. We enhance our clients over all experience while offering a variety of spa services preformed by technicians with 14 plus years of experience.

At Body Elements you can choose from a variety of services. Let your muscles melt away in the hands of our therapist. Our therapists are trained in deep tissue, swedish,  shiatsu, hot stone, reflexology  and therapeutic massage to improve the health of your skin and relax your body.

With one of our custom facials add a peel to any facial to boost your results. Our vitamin C peel will leave you with brighter, tighter, fresh looking skin. Our pumpkin peel will aid in diminishing age spots, fine lines and wrinkles while eating away surface bacteria and deeply exfoliating your skin.

Relax and fall asleep while receiving our eyelash extension treatment. Our luxurious lashes are black and pre-curled with no need for mascara. Each lash is individually attached to your natural lash using a semi permanent glue lasting 4 to 6 weeks.  No more makeup running down your face. Our lashes are great for a more youthful, longer and fuller looking eyelashes we look forward to customizing a spa treatment for you
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